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Spirit of Volunteering Awards

Spirit of Volunteer Awards banner image

Nominations have now closed. Winners will be announced at the Antrim and Newtownabbey Spirit of Volunteering Awards 2018 celebration event on Thursday 27 September at 7pm in Theatre at The Mill, Newtownabbey.

For more information about the nomination process and awards evening, please contact the Community Development Team on T. 028 9034 0060


If you know someone who deserves recognition then nominate them for an Award in one of the following categories:

  • Newcomer to Volunteering Award
  • Team Spirit Award
  • Personal Achievement Award
  • Community Impact Award
  • Lifetime Contribution Award

Volunteering can take different forms such as sports or social clubs, walking or youth groups, events such as clean-ups, fundraising, church groups or simply helping an elderly neighbour.

Giving selflessly to others, volunteers contribute significantly to the lives of those in the Borough without financial gain. So if you can think of someone who deserves recognition… nominate them!


Categories and definitions:

1) Newcomer to Volunteering Award – an individual who has become a volunteer for the first time in the last 18 months.

2) Team Spirit Award – ‘Team’ means to be made up of more than one individual and therefore the organisation who is nominated for this award should be a team who has contributed to the success of a particular event, project or goal and has shown exceptional team spirit in doing so.

3) Personal Achievement Award – an individual who has achieved a particular personal goal or milestone through their volunteering.

4) Community Impact Award – an individual or organisation who has made a real tangible difference in their local community. For example through taking on a particular project or cause that has changed the community for the better.

5) Lifetime Contribution Award – an individual who has contributed over 25 years of their life to volunteering.

 Eligibility and Criteria


5 Tips for Nominating
  1. Don't assume that the assessment panel members know what the volunteer that you are nominating does.

    Panel members can only assess the nomination based on the information that is provided on your nomination form therefore provide as much information as you can. Although panel members may know the volunteer nominated they cannot add any extra information to the assessment process.
  2. Talk to the volunteer you are thinking of nominating about their voluntary work or to others that know about their volunteering.

    It can be surprising to discover what other areas of voluntary work people are involved in. If you don't want to person to know that you are thinking of nominating them, simply have a conversation with them over a cup of tea/coffee to find out what else they do. You may find out that they have more volunteering experience than you realised.
  3. Tell the volunteer's story in simple terms.

    To let the assessment panel members have a better sense of what the volunteer does, write your nomination to clearly show how the voluntary work that the person you are nominating is making a difference in the community. Keep it simple without overuse of jargon so that the nomination becomes real for the assessment panel members.
  4. Don't forget the small things that make a real difference.

    Everyone has something to offer to volunteering and every role is valued. When thinking of nominating a volunteer consider the small additional things that people do beyond their role. It may be that they are always there when needed; that they go that extra mile; that they are willing to undertake any duties; or always thinking of others and how they can help.
  5. Nominate as many of your volunteers as you wish to.

    Organisations sometimes are reluctant to nominate one of their volunteers because they don't wish to single a volunteer out for special recognition above their other volunteers. We would encourage you to nominate as many volunteers as you wish, even better why not nominate all your volunteers as a team.