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Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal

photo of Rathcoole event

What Is Neighbourhood Renewal?

In June 2003, Government launched “People and Place – A strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal” This long term (7-10 year) strategy was designed to target those communities throughout Northern Ireland suffering the highest levels of deprivation.

Neighbourhood Renewal is a cross Governmental strategy, which aims to bring together work of Government Departments in partnership with local people to tackle disadvantage and deprivation in all aspects of everyday life.

Neighbourhoods in the most deprived top 10% of wards across Northern Ireland were identified using the Noble Multiple Deprivation Measure.  Following extensive consultation, this resulted in 36 areas and a population of approximately 280,000 (one person in 6 in Northern Ireland), being targeted for intervention.

Partnerships were established in each Neighbourhood Renewal Area as a vehicle for local planning and implementation of the four strategic priorities.


The four strategic priorities for Neighbourhood Renewal are:

  • Community Renewal – to develop confident communities that are able and committed to improving the quality of life in their areas.
  • Economic Renewal – to develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy;
  • Social Renewal – to improve social conditions for the people who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better coordinated public services and the creation of safer environments;
  • Physical Renewal – to help create attractive, safe, sustainable environments in the most deprived neighbourhoods. 
Boundary Map of Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Area
Map of Rathcoole
About Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership

Established in 2006, The Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership (RNRP) meets on a bi-monthly basis to carry out the task outlined in the Department for Social Development (DSD) “People and Place” document to develop an Action Plan for the Neighbourhood Renewal Area.

RNRP identifies priority objectives, which it believes are fundamental to addressing the four strategic priorities which have been set by the Department for Social Development.  These objectives are added to the Action Plan which was first produced in 2006 and which is revised on an annual basis.

The Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership completed a review of its original Action Plan in 2011 and further updates in 2012, 2014 and 2016 to ensure that the actions required against all key priorities identified were sufficiently detailed.  The Neighbourhood Renewal Action Plan reflects priorities that are valid and relevant for the area, are supported by robust evidence and take account of local knowledge.


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pdf icon Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Action Plan 2018-19 (237Kb)


Composition of Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership


David-Hollis.jpg     Photo of Billy Webb

Chair: David Hollis         Vice-Chair: Billy Webb


 Composition of Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership (126Kb)


Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Sub Groups

The Partnership has established three sub groups to assist in the identification, development and where appropriate, the delivery of projects in the action plan. They also assist local community organisations to co-ordinate actions that are beneficial for all communities living and working in the Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Area (NRA). 

If you would like to become involved in Neighbourhood Renewal in Rathcoole or would like any further information please contact the Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Co-ordinator on (028) 9034 0197.


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 July 2018 NR Newsletter (524Kb) 

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 Information Pack (280Kb)



For further details on this contact:
Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Co-ordinator
Tel: O28 9034 0197