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Sixmilewater River Park

Adventures in Sixmilewater Park

This is a fantastic urban park which provides families and school groups with a variety of adventure all year long. However, what happens when we forget how to play?

The Sixmilewater Park Adventure is a brand new web app which can be used by teachers, youth group leaders or parents to make every trip to the park an adventure!

Whether you want to learn about the birds who live in the pond or if you want to build a den or have a boat race, use the app to work out where best to complete all these fun and safe activities.

To download this fantastic new app visit https://tinyurl.com/sixmileadventure


Open 8am-8pm.
Toilets are available in Sixmile Leisure Centre.

This is an attractive park with the Sixmile River flowing through it. There is an open lawn area with meadowland. Within the park, a conservation area with a pond makes a good day out where you can feed the ducks. At the rear of the Sixmile Leisure Centre there is a natural park with a range of bio diversity on offer.
3 tennis courts are available for tennis enthusiasts and the park hosts some great events such as the Ballyclare May Fair and the Gymkhana. The tennis courts are closed during the winter and open in the summer until dusk. It is a popular park for cross country, tennis and barbeques in the summer.
At the War Memorial Park there is a mound on the left hand side which is a 13th – century Norman motte built as a defensive outpost of Carrickfergus Castle. Soldiers reaching the ricer believed they had traveled six miles and began calling the river Sixmile Water.