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Pogue's Entry Historical Cottage and Craft Studio

Seasonal opening from June-September. Closed 12th July.

Visits/Tours outside these months can be arranged by appointment only

This historic corner of 18th century Antrim contains the childhood home of Alexander Irvine, who became a missionary in New York's Bowery and eventually pastor of the Church of the Ascension on Fifth Avenue. His book 'My Lady of The Chimney Corner' recalls his boyhood years in Pogue’s Entry and describes the lives of Irish country folk during the postfamine days.

The cottage is preserved in its original state as a tribute to Dr Irvine and a memorial park is located at the junction of Castle Way and Church Street, Antrim. The buzz of cottage industry has made a welcome return to Pogue’s Entry.



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Holiday Opening:
Monday 29 August 2016