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Both Sides

Start Date: 06 September 2017

End Date: 06 September 2017

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: The Old Courthouse

Both Sides by Jane Coyle comprises two interlocking monologues, entitled Me Here, Me and Before Before.  They are set respectively in Paris and Nice and inspired by the works of Samuel Beckett.

Me Here, Me was first read at the Beckett Paris Festival in March of last year and then at the 2016 Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast, where it was a sell-out.  It has since been expanded and is now joined by a companion piece Before Before  to form an intriguing double-header.

In the first, a young woman sits in a Paris cafe, watching the life of the street unfold.  Everyday incidents seem unremarkable, until viewed through the prism of Beckett's vision, at which point troubling stories emerge.  Like them, the young woman has her own hidden history and, in a flash of realisation, she fears it may soon be revealed.

In the second, a once-beautiful middle aged woman takes up her usual seat at a bar in the old town of Nice.  It is a special night.  She looks back ruefully on an eventful life, which began with an impetuous decision to leave Belfast in her youth.  She recalls a painful loss which still haunts her.  The spirit of Beckett looms large in her throughts.

Tickets: £12 & £10 (Concession)

For further information contact:

The Old Courthouse

Tel: 028 94428331

Book online: www.theoldcourthousetheatre.com