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Wheelie Boxes

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Some Newtownabbey area residents use a Wheelie Box, an innovative new service that will help residents recycle even more from home.

The following items MUST be placed in your triplestack wheelie box:



Bryson collection days will remain unchanged for residents with Wheelie Boxes.

Wheelie Box Collection Checker:

The below link is to the Bryson Recycling website for checking Kerbie Box & Wheelie Box collections. This is run by Bryson Recycling.


Leave all bins out by 7:00am on day of collection.

Overflow bags can be used if either box is full. Only put one type of material in each bag. Never put glass in overflow bags.



Why was the Wheelie Box introduced?

This new container was designed based on specific feedback from customers of our box service. It will provide you with extra room for recycling, it will be more stable in the wind, has a hinged lid and is on wheels so it is easy to move.


Why are only some households getting this new service?

This is a phased roll out and it intended to introduce this new service further.


What can I recycle in the Wheelie Box?

You can recycle all the items you recycled in your red and black boxes.


Do I need to do anything to the materials?

All contents should be clean and should not contain any food or drink residue. Flatten your cans, cartons, plastic bottles and cardboard to save space in your Wheelie Box. All items should be placed into the boxes loose, except shredded paper, foil, textiles and batteries, which should be bagged separately.

Please ensure that items are sorted between boxes 1, 2 and 3 as described in your information leaflet.


When do I put my Wheelie Box out for collection?

Please leave your Wheelie Box out for collection at the kerbside by 7.00am on your collection day.


I currently had an assisted lift for my boxes, will I continue to have this for the Wheelie Box?

Your assisted lift will continue as normal. If you would like your Wheelie Box to be collected from a different location than your boxes or decide you don’t need an assisted lift anymore please contact Bryson Recycling on 028 9084 8494 or at [email protected].


What do I do with my red and black box?

You can keep them and use them for overflow materials if any of the boxes in your Wheelie Box fill up. Please sort materials in overflow boxes as described in leaflet, for example, keep all your “box 1” or “box 2” items together (please do not sort items between red and black boxes as you did using the old service).


Why do you use boxes to collect materials rather than bins?

We believe this is the best type of recycling service; because we sort the materials by hand we can filter out incorrect items at the point of collection. This means the materials we collect are high quality and can be recycled locally, which is better for the environment, helps to create local jobs and supports the local economy.


Why did I get a smaller landfill bin?

Your 240L black landfill bin was replaced with a 180L bin in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and encourage more recycling.


Can I keep my 240L landfill bin?

A 240L bin will only be permitted in the following occasions:

  • households with 6 or more residents
  • households with 2 babies in nappies (which will be regularly reviewed)
  • households with a resident with a medical condition that generates additional waste

If you fall into any of these categories please contact Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council on 028 9034 0056/57 for further information.


I currently have a 360L landfill bin. Can I keep it?

The Council visited all residents who have a 360L wheeled bin.

If you didn't speak to the Council directly your 360L bin will have been automatically swapped to a 180L. If this is an issue please contact Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council on 028 9034 0056/57 for further information. 


What To Do If Your Kerbie Box Is Full

If either box is full you can use overflow bags. Only put one type of materials in each bag. Never put glass in overflow bags – we cannot accept this for safety reasons.  If you would like an additional box please contact us on 028 9084 8494 or at [email protected]. You can save space in your boxes by flattening your cans, cartons, plastics and cardboard.


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