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Wheelie Boxes

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The following items MUST be placed in your triplestack wheelie box:



Why was the Triplestack Wheelie Box intriduced?

The new container was designed based on specific feedback from customers of the old kerbie box recycling service. it provides households with extra room for recycling, is more stable in the wind, has a hinged lid and is on wheels so is easy to move. 


What day is my triplestack due to be collected?  

Your triplestack will be emptied on the same day each week.  You can check what day your triplestack is due to be collected by visiting the Bryson_Website.

Please remember to check for any alternate arrangements around bank and public holidays.


Where should I leave my triplestack?

Your triplestack should be left at the edge of your property or at the designated collection point, with the handle turned out.


What time will my triplestack be emptied?

Your triplestack collection can take place at any time from 7am onwards.  As collection times can vary, it is important that always leave your triplestack out for 7am to ensure that it is emptied.  Bryson do not have sufficient resources to go back for a triplestack which was not out on time.


Will extra bags be lifted?

Additional recyclable materials can be presented in your old kerbie boxe.   Overflow bags can also be used .  Only put one type of material in each bag.  Never put glass in overflow bags.


What type of waste should I put in the triplestack?

Information on what types of waste are accepted in the triplestack are shown above.  If you have a query about recycling you can contact a member of the Waste Management team who will be happy to advise you.


Do I need to do anything to the materials?
All contents should be clean and should not contain any food or drink residue. Flatten your cans, cartons, plastic bottles and cardboard to save space in your Wheelie Box. All items should be placed into the boxes loose, except shredded paper, foil, textiles and batteries, which should be bagged separately.  Please ensure that items are sorted between boxes 1, 2 and 3 as shown above.


What happens if I put the wrong type of waste in my triplestack?

If you put the wrong materials in your triplestack it will be left behind. 


What happens if my triplestack appears to have been missed?

We will always try to empty your triplestack on your scheduled collection day.  If your triplestack appears to have been missed please contact Bryson Recycling on 028 9084 8494 or [email protected].


What happens to the recycling waste I put in my triplestack?

It is sorted into its various components at the roadside before they are sent to be recycled into new materials.


pdf icon Bryson Recycling Information Leaflet

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