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Black Bins

Please ensure that black bins are presented with CLOSED LIDS and with NO EXTRA SIDE WASTE eg bags, boxes stacked beside the bin etc.

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Antrim Area Residents:

Use the online Antrim Bin Checker to see when your Black bin is due for collections.  

Newtownabbey Area Residents:

Use the online Newtownabbey Bin Checker to see when your Black bin is due for collections. Black bins and Brown bins for Newtownabbey residents are collected on the same day once a fortnight.

Leave all bins out by 7:00am on day of collection


My Black or Brown Bin Hasn't Been Collected - What Should I Do?

We aim to collect 99% of all bins on their due day. However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some (eg. parked cars, roadworks etc. may obstruct safe access to your street). Check the list below for some reasons why your bin may not have been collected:

  1. Did you leave your bin out before 7am on it's correct collection day?
  2. During holidays, bin collection days may change - is there a change to your collection day?
  3. Was your bin's lid closed and no other side waste left outside your bin?

If this doesn't explain why your bin was not collected then as long as you let us know within 24hrs we can arrange for it to be collected. If you tell us later than this then it will not be possible to schedule a bin lorry to collect your waste.

Please call after 4pm on the day that your bin was due to be collected, as crews will still be out.

To report your bin collection as being missed T. 028 9034 0056/57 or E. info@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk 


Contact Details

Cleansing Department:

Antrim Civic Centre
50 Stiles Way
BT41 2UB
Tel: 028 9446 3113

Mossley Mill
BT36 5QA
Tel: 028 9034 0056/57

[email protected]