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Black Bins

Please ensure that black bins are presented with CLOSED LIDS and with NO EXTRA SIDE WASTE eg bags, boxes stacked beside the bin etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What day is my black bin due to be collected?  How do I get a collection calendar?

You can check what day your bin is due to be collected by using our bin checker for Antrim and Newtownabbey


Where should I leave my bin?

Your bin should be left at the edge of your property or at the designated collection point, with the handle turned out.


What time will my bin be emptied?

Your bin collection can take place at any time from 7am onwards.  As collection times can vary, it is important that always leave your bin out for 7am to ensure that it is emptied.  We do not have sufficient resources to go back for a bin which was not out on time.


Will extra bags be lifted?

Due to health and safety concerns, only waste which is within the main body of the bin can be collected.  Therefore additional bags cannot be accepted.


Can I put my bin out with the lid raised?

Due to health and safety concerns, if your bin lid is raised it will not be emptied.  You will be asked to ensure that the lid is fully closed when your bin is presented on your next collection day.  We do not have sufficient resources to go back for a bin which was rejected due to a raised lid


What type of waste should I put in the black bin?

Only non-recyclable materials should be placed in your black bin.


What happens if I present the wrong size of black bin or two black bins?

If a larger bin or multiple bins are presented without prior approval from Council they will not be emptied. 


What happens if my bin appears to have been missed?

We will always try to empty your bin on your scheduled collection day.  However, sometimes for various reasons we may miss some e.g. parked cars, roadworks blocking access to your street, difficult road conditions or adverse weather.  Where you are not at fault, and resources permit, we will attempt to go back out for your bin.  In these instances, continue to leave your bin out and, if necessary, contact a member of the waste Management team on T. 028 9034 0056, after 4pm, for further instructions.  All missed bins must be reported within 1 day of the scheduled collection for us to look into the matter on your behalf. 


Please note: Council reserves the right not to return to collect a bin which was not presented on time, had a raised lid or was rejected because it was an unauthorised larger bin.


What happens to the waste I put in my black bin?

All waste from domestic black bins goes to landfill.  Please help us reduce this waste pollution by ensuring that you recycle as much as possible.


What happens when I move house?

Your black landfill bin is your own property and should be taken with you when you move house. If you are moving into a new property in the Borough you can purchase a new bin from the Council. 

All recycling bins (blue, brown and wheelie box) should be left at the house for the next resident. 



Contact Details

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