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Glengormley Urban DEA


Glengormley Urban includes the electoral wards of Burnthill, Carnmoney, Glebe, Glengormley, Hightown, Ballyhenry & Collinbridge.   Glengormley is approximately six miles from Belfast; the sixth milestone from the city centre is located on the Ballyclare Road beside Glengormley High School.   Glengormley sits at 700 feet above sea level, and has a cold and windy climate which may be explained by the 'tunnel' of natural features running from the Antrim coast to the edge of Glengormley on the Hightown Road.

Top Facts:
  • This is an entirely urban DEA.
  • 15% of the population of the Borough live in this DEA in 8,359 households.
  • There was a 3% population decline in this area over the 10 years 2004-2014.
  • This DEA has an aging population and 12% of households are lone pensioners.
  • There are 9 primary schools, with 1,860 primary school pupils, 2 post primary schools with 1,545 pupils of post primary age, 1 special school, 2 nursery and 5 pre-schools.
  • This DEA has 1 Library, 2 Public Parks and a Pavillion.
  • 71.5% of school leavers from this DEA achieved at least 5 GCSE’s A*-C (equiv) inc. English & Maths.
Did You Know:
  • Lillian Bland, after whom the park in Glengormley is named was the first woman to fly an aircraft in Ireland. In early 1910, she constructed a home-made biplane glider, which she named Mayfly.  Her first test flights were short glides from Carnmoney Hill.

  • Sentry Hill is an early 19th-century farmhouse and attraction within this DEA, the house sits on the hill above Glengormley and Corr's Corner.

  • There are 12 sports facilities (including school facilities) in this area.

  • There are 8 chemists in this urban DEA, 6 dental surgeries and 3 GP practices.

  • Only 35.1% of households have access to 2+ cars/vans and this area has the highest percentage of public transport use.

  • Almost 25% (of the population aged 16+) have no qualifications (2011) and the majority of those employed 18.7% are in administrative/secretarial positions.

  • 13.4% of the people in this DEA provide unpaid care to sick and disabled relatives.

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