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Ballyclare DEA


Ballyclare DEA includes the town of Ballyclare (East and West) and the rural villages of Ballynure, Ballyrobert and Doagh. Ballyclare DEA contains 140 acres of parkland in addition to 7 play areas and the Sixmile Leisure Centre which runs a variety of classes, activities, has a gym and swimming pool. 

Top Facts:
  • 13% of the population of the Borough live in this DEA in 6,946 households.
  • There was an 8% population growth in this area over the 10 years 2004-2014.
  • The population of this area is becoming older, 15% are aged 65+.
  • Almost half (47.3%) of households have access to 2 cars/vans.
  • There are 8 primary schools and 1,685 pupils of primary school age, 2 post primary schools with 1,310 of post primary school aged pupils.
  • There is 1 nursery and 3 pre-schools in this DEA.
  • There were 30 Invest NI start-ups (2014/2015).
Did You Know:
  • The Ballyclare May Fair occurs on a Tuesday in May every year, and is part of a week of festivities.

  • The Fair has been held annually since 1756, when the Marquis of Donegal granted a deed for a horse and hiring fair to be held in the town. The fair was renowned in the 19th century as one of the most important horse fairs in Europe and many of the horses were bought for European cavalry regiments.

  • Ballyclare sits on the Six Mile Water River which is in fact closer to 20 miles long than 6.

  • There are 22 sports facilities (including school facilities) in this area and 83% people are in very good/good health.

  • This DEA has 4 chemists, only 1 GP practice and 3 dentists.

  • 12.2% of people within this DEA provide unpaid care to sick or disabled dependents.

  • Almost 1 in 4 (16+) have no qualifications, contrasting with 26% (16+) qualified to Level 4 and above (2011).

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