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Burns Safety Advice

Hot appliances, liquids and bath water are responsible for more than half of all burns and scalds, with young children being particularly vulnerable.

The video below aims to highlight how easy it is for a child to burn themselves or be scalded and that it can just take seconds for an accident to happen.

Home accidents can easily be prevented and the video encourages parents and carers to take steps to minimise the risks:

  • Hot drinks can still scald 15 minutes after they’ve been made and can result in years of skin graft treatment. Ensure hot drinks are out of reach of babies and children.
  • Hot water scalds in seconds. Run the cold water first and always check the temperature of bath water.
  • Hair straighteners can get very hot, very quickly and cause serious burns that scar for life, keep out of the reach of children and put them away safely after use.

For further advice on home safety including preventing burns and scalds contact Environmental Health on 028 9034 0160 or [email protected]


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