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Electricity Markets Are Changing. Is Your Business Ready?

27 June 2016

The wholesale electricity market covering Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Single Electricity Market (SEM), is undergoing significant change. This is because of changes to EU legislation which aim to harmonise cross-border trading arrangements across all European electricity markets. The resulting new Integrated Single Electricity Market (i-SEM) will begin operating in October 2017. In parallel with the i-SEM, the development of the DS3 programme (Delivering a Secure, Sustainable Electricity System) to deliver a new suite of system services is underway. The aim of DS3 is to meet the challenges of operating the electricity system securely, while achieving the NI and RoI governments’ 2020 renewable electricity targets. DS3 is designed to ensure that we can securely operate the power system with increasing amounts of variable non-synchronous renewable generation over the coming years.

The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) at Ulster University is running a one-day training seminar for businesses seeking to maximise opportunities in the new markets. The seminar will give attendees an overview of current arrangements under the SEM, and a description of how these will change in i-SEM and DS3. We will highlight new opportunities for energy-intensive companies, present research currently underway in the electricity sector, and highlight funding and collaboration opportunities which are available now.


10.00 – Registration and Coffee

10.30 – Welcome and Overview of a Changing Electricity Market – Mark Andreson

11.00 – DS3, Coleraine Microgrid Project & Energy Modelling – Dr Patrick Keatley

11.30 – Plexos Market Modelling and Electrification of Heat – Dr Inna Vorushylo & Dr Nikhilkumar Shah

12.00 – Collaborative Funding Opportunities

Research & Innovation Funding - Fiona McElroy
Horizon 2020 Northern Ireland Contact Point (NICP) Energy – Dominic McLarnon
Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy InvestNI Competence Centre - Mark Anderson

12.30 - Lunch and Networking

13.30 – Visit to Centre for Sustainable Technologies Terraced Street and Research Labs (optional)

Further information:  https://getinvited.to/knowledge-club/electricity-markets-are-changing/