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UTV’s Lough Neagh’s next episode has hunting, healing and heating

26 September 2018

Joe Mahon’s Lough Neagh series continues with Episode 4 on UTV on Monday 8 October where Joe continues his travels around its many bays and inlets, calling in to some of the towns and villages that hug its shoreline, all the while highlighting the diverse features of the Lough.

In this the fourth episode, Joe learns about how Lough Neagh’s earliest inhabitants would have survived when they arrived on the shores of the lough some 8,000 years ago. He joins Peter McVeigh from Kinnego Bushcraft Centre who shows Joe how those hunter gatherers would have caught fish and wild boar using arrows and spears,  all while watching out for bears and wolves! Then they retire to a beautiful sunlit glade for lunch, where they feast on barbecued fish and eels.

Joe then visits ‘Washing Bay’ and meets with Maura Brooks on the banks of ‘the Holy River’ where Maura talks about the healing properties of the waters of Lough Neagh. Maura believes that this is a ‘thin’ place, where the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest. It is a belief which Maura has held all her life and one which dates back to druidic times.

Carrying on the spiritual theme, Joe visits another ‘thin’ place, the Ardboe High Cross. Here he and Mary McCann, a local woman who grew up and still lives a stone’s throw from the cross, discuss the importance of this national monument and what the best course of action may be to protect it from further damage from the elements.

And finally, Joe meets up with Maynard Cousley from N.I. Water who use a small fraction of the 800 billion gallons of water in Lough Neagh to supply three quarters of a million people with water every day. They also visit Dunore Solar Farm, which N.I. Water has set up in order to try and combat their £30 million a year electricity bill.

Lough Neagh is produced by Westway Film Productions for UTV and is sponsored by Connolly’s of Moy.   You can see the next episode on Monday 8th October at 8pm on UTV.  Catch up on www.itv.com/utvprogrammes.