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Mayoral hosts reception for relatives of Nutts Corner Airfield Crash 1953 victim

05 July 2018

Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey, Councillor Paul Michael hosted a reception for Mr and Mrs Colvin who were visiting from the United States, along with Councillor Rea, Mr Bill Eames, Mr & Mrs Coulter and Ernie Cromie of the Ulster Aviation Society.

Mrs Colvin’s aunt, Irene “Delores” Griffing, was killed when a BEA Vickers aircraft, the “Lord St Vincent” crashed on farmland close the former Nutt’s Corner airfield on 5 January 1953.  A memorial picture/plaque was subsequently erected at Antrim Civic Centre in memory of the victims of the tragedy.  Mayor, Councillor Paul Michael presented a copy of the memorial photo to Mr and Mrs Colvin during the reception.

Mr Roy Coulter, was a Fire Office on duty at the airport that day.  Mr Bill Eames, now aged 93, an ex-RAF officer, who at the time of the air crash was a civilian air traffic controller at Nutts Corner airport and the last person to speak to the captain of the aircraft.

Mr Cromie, who is the historian of the Ulster Aviation Society, has been carrying out research into the extensive presence of the United States Army Air Force in NI during the Second World War.


(L-R) Councillor Rea, Mr & Mrs Colvin, Mayor Councillor Paul Michael, Mr Ernie Cromie, Mr Bill Eames, Mr & Mrs Coulter.