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Extension to Joe Mahon's Lough Neagh Series

05 November 2018

UTV has commissioned two additional episodes to Joe Mahon’s Lough Neagh series, which is sure to delight his loyal fan base. Terry Brennan, Head of News and Programmes at UTV said, “Given the quality of the material that Joe and his production team have produced it was becoming more and more of a challenge to condense it all into the episodes originally planned.  Viewers will be delighted that that we’ve therefore added two extra episodes that will tell more stories about Lough Neagh.”

In Monday night’s episode, Joe talks to Michael Savage, the author of a navigation guide for users of the lough. Joe travels across to Rams Island with Michael and discovers that WW2 is of major interest to Michael and his colleagues from the River Bann and Lough Neagh Association. One of its main projects is the conservation and promotion of Rams Island which is the site of an ancient monastic settlement, but they are also interested in the heritage of the Second World War and the role played by Lough Neagh as a training ground for American pilots during that period. The series continues with Episode 8 on UTV at 8pm on Monday 5th November.