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Come and hear about the Barn Owls of Ireland!

24 April 2017


The Barn Owl is both a unique and mysterious bird. Come and hear more from a Barn Owl expert on Wednesday 26 April from 7-9pm at Allen Park, just outside Antrim.

John Lusby, from Birdwatch Ireland, will share his experiences gained from 10 years researching and monitoring Barn Owls in Ireland. He will provide advice on their conservation, as well as many tales of Barn Owl adventures, which will give a new appreciation for this iconic species.

The talk will celebrate a new Barn Owl monitoring partnership project between the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership, in conjunction with Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council, with funding received from the Heritage Lottery Programme.

For more information please T. 028 9446 3113 ext. 31371 or E: [email protected] or T. 028 3831 1688 or E: [email protected]