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The Prodger

15 September 2016

As part of the Cultural programme of the Northern Ireland Centenary Commemorations, Solar Theatre Productions presents The Prodger at The Old Courthouse Theatre, on Friday 30 September at 7.30pm

The Irish veterans of WW1 were a forgotten generation. However the veterans didn’t forget the war, nor did others let them forget who they fought for. For some it never went away…

Set in a pub on a wild winter’s night in Lismore Co. Waterford in 1964, this powerful one-act play is a poignant re-imagining of one such veteran – the writer’s Great-Uncle Johnny, who lost a leg in battle, woke up in a morgue and faced unequivocal prejudice when he returned home.

Decades later, the devastation of war still lingers and Johnny’s story still lies buried.  As rumours of a local murder unfold and old wounds and secrets are exposed, he can no longer hold back and finally roars his tale.

Tickets for this powerful drama are available from Box Office on 028 9442 8331 or online at www.antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk/boxoffice