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Residual Waste Treatment Project

31 August 2016

At the Council meeting on 30 August Members were advised that correspondence had been received from Minister Michelle McIlveen, MLA confirming that she would recommend that the Executive considers the provision of financial support to help off-set additional costs falling on arc21 councils in relation to the residual waste treatment plant.

If such support is agreed by the Executive, it will enable the councils in arc21 to proceed to contract close, in the knowledge that they would not incur any additional costs relative to other councils who are not party to the contract. This decision will be subject to the submission of an acceptable Business Case to the Department by arc21. This statement by the Minister therefore assists to negate the affordability concerns associated with the project.

In addition, arc21 has recently confirmed that it has no grounds to now believe it will spend more than £250,000 on the enquiry before the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) regarding the Planning Application for the proposed Residual Waste Treatment Facility.  Therefore under the Terms of Agreement 2015, which each Participant Council of arc21 has approved, arc21 does not require the prior approval of all Participant Councils to engage in the PAC enquiry process. 

This means that the Planning Appeal Hearing will proceed following which the Department of Infrastructure’s Minister, Chris Hazzard will consider the matter.

Members agreed to note this update.