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Residual Waste Treatment Project

03 June 2016

The Council deferred its decision regarding the Residual Waste Treatment Project in order to seek clarification about recent information received by the Council in respect of the project. This will enable Council Members to make a more fully informed decision which will be in the best interests of its ratepayers.

The Council also decided to remind arc21 that no hearing before the Planning Appeal Commission can proceed without the prior approval of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council.

The Council further agreed that arc21 be advised that, given that the procurement process and discussion about this project have gone on for some time, much of which pre-dates the establishment of the new Council, the Council’s legal advice is that it is an appropriate time to determine the Council’s commitment to the project.  To facilitate this, the Council requires arc21 to provide clarity around the following points in relation to the procurement exercise, specifically:

  • Duration of the Contract
  • Gate Fee
  • Minimum guaranteed tonnages
  • Also provide clarity around certain other information as part of the process


This will allow the Council to make a final decision as to whether the Business Case is in the best interests of our ratepayers.