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Golden Leading Lady Dame Mary Peters Inspires Local Ladies

18 March 2016

Councillor Audrey Ball, speaker Dame Mary Peters and Councillor Noreen McClelland, at a Leading Ladies event held on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016 in Corr’s Corner Hotel, Newtownabbey.


On International Women’s Day more than 70 ladies of all ages and backgrounds, gathered in Corr’s Corner Hotel for an audience with Dame Mary Peters.  Tying in with the theme of “Pledge for Parity” she began to recount the challenges she faced when competing at World level.  Dame Mary spoke about coming to terms with being fourth out of four on occasions and interspersed her talk with amusing anecdotes about stars such as Daley Thompson, Terry Wogan and Nelson Mandela.

Present in the audience were past pupils from Graymount Girls’ Secondary School previously on the Shore Road.  Dame Mary had taught Home Economics whilst continuing her Olympic training and a few ladies in the audience were delighted to remember that time in their lives.   She shared her wealth of experience both as an athlete but also from her time as an Ambassador for Northern Ireland where she represented the whole community during the height of the “Troubles”, despite receiving a death threat. 

Speaking after the event, Councillor Noreen McClelland, commented, “I was delighted with the record number of attendees at our Leading Ladies event. We were challenged in our thinking, attitudes and behaviours and I was particularly struck by Dame Mary’s determination to persevere and succeed. She emphasised that success comes only after a considerable amount of hard work and this is a challenge for us all to think about, especially the next generation.”