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LA03/2015/0051/F Proposed Pig Farm

Planning Application: LA03/2015/0051/F

Location:  Lands 166m NW of 10 Reahill Road, Newtownabbey BT36 5SF

Proposal:  Proposed pig farm to include 4 no. pig sheds, 1 no mill building, 1 no. office building, 2 no. anaerobic digester tanks, 1 no. silo bay, 1 no. digestate lagoon and 1 no. attenuation lagoon and ancillary works.

In view of the significant volume of representations received in relation to the above planning application, it has not been feasible for the Council's Planning Section to individually notify / acknowledge all those who have made written representations. All those who have written or sent an e-mail to the Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council are asked to regard this Public Notice as confirmation of receipt of their representation.

While the volume of representations received presented initial difficulties in making them available to view on Public Access, the Council is now endeavouring to make them available to view as soon as possible.  

The issues raised in all representations received will be considered as part of the processing of the application. Adopting this procedure does not, in any way, impact on that process. 

The application and the associated Environmental Statement may be viewed on the NI Planning Portal.


Pre-Determination Hearing Arrangements for Planning Application LA03/2015/0051/F.
27th September 2016

It was confirmed by the Planning Committee at their meeting in June 2015 that a pre-determination hearing should be held on planning application LA03/2015/0051/F.  The application seeks full planning permission for a Pig Farm to include 4no. Pig Houses with air scrubber units and associated water and waste holding tanks, slurry scraping system, pedestrian hand rails, anaerobic digester plant, 2no. Digestate tanks, slurry tanks, combined heat and power and carbon scrubber, gas flare, control and pump room, standby generator, silo clamp, silo bay with digestate loading area, office, store, gates and security fencing, dead stock storage, wheel wash facilities, weighbridge, sheugh alterations, septic tank, reed bed, pond, fuel storage tanks, petrol interceptors, fire hydrants, new access onto Reahill Road, proposed widening of a section of Reahill Rd. across site frontage, recontouring of land within the site with landscaped bunds, tree and shrub planting, lighting to include bollard, bulkhead and column fittings at Reahill Road, Newtownabbey.

The Planning Committee delegated the arrangement and procedures for the pre-determination hearing to Council Officers and these are now listed below;


Venue: Linen Suite, Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey
Date: 27th October 2016 commencing at 6:00pm

The Pre-determination Hearing will follow similar arrangements to those in place for the operation of the Council’s Planning Committee and will be presided over by the Chairman of the Committee.

The Pre-determination Hearing is open to members of the public to attend, however, space is limited and any persons wishing to attend must register with the Council. Spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

In addition to the applicant and their representatives, supporters, objectors, and other members of the public may request to speak at the Pre-determination Hearing.  Details of how to register are available below.

Where appropriate consultees to the planning application will be invited to attend and present at the hearing however it should be noted that they cannot be required by the Council to attend.

It should be noted that none of the speakers at the Hearing, including non-Committee Members of the Council are entitled to ask any questions or cross examine any other person, however, Planning Committee Members may ask any speaker questions or seek clarification on any issue arising.

All requests to attend the hearing and requests to speak at the hearing must be registered with the Council before noon on the 21st October 2016. You may register by contacting the Planning Administration Team on 0300 123 6677 or emailing [email protected] Requests to speak will be facilitated on a first come/first served basis.

Anyone registering to speak should state whether they are a Councillor who is not on the Planning Committee, a supporter including the applicant/agent, or an objector and set out the planning issues which you wish to raise.  You must supply any written information which you wish to be circulated to the Committee at the same time as your request.  PowerPoint presentations are acceptable, however, the PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to the Council 3 working days prior to the hearing.   Late requests to speak will not be allowed nor will material produced on the night be circulated to members of the Planning Committee.

Up to six (6) non-Committee Members of the Council may request to speak at the hearing and a time restriction of three (3) minutes will apply to each Councillor.

A total period of up to eighteen (18) minutes will be allowed for objectors to speak and each speaker will normally be subject to a time limit of three (3) minutes.  Where more than six (6) objectors register to speak the time available will need to be split amongst the objectors.

Supporters of the proposal, including the applicant and agent, will be allowed the sum total of the time used by the objectors to speak during the hearing up to a maximum of eighteen (18) minutes and minimum of 6 minutes.

Representatives from the Departments/Agencies listed will be subject to a time limit of five minutes (5) on their presentation.  Members of the Planning Committee may ask these representatives questions or seek clarification on any issue of their presentation.

It is anticipated that a list of persons scheduled to speak, and in which capacity, will be available 48 hours prior to the hearing.

The running order of speakers is proposed as follows;

  1. Councillor(s) not on the Planning Committee.
  2. Objectors.
  3. Supporters including the Applicant or their Agent.
  4. Consultees to the application which have been invited to attend.

At the start of the meeting a Planning Officer will provide information on the proposed development and the processing of the application to date.

No decision on the application will be made at the Pre-determination Hearing and the application will be presented before the Planning Committee at a later date and will be subject to the normal Planning Committee procedures.

Please note the Council reserves the right to amend these arrangements.