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Elections & Voting

Borough map
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Online Vote Registration

You can now register to vote online. It takes around 3 minutes and you can do it from any computer/iPad or smartphone.  You will need your national insurance number.  Log on to: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote for further information or view their helpful video here

You need to be registered to vote in our local elections in May 2019.


Election Results May 2014:

ELECTION RESULTS - District Electoral Area Elected
Threemilewater DEA (6 seats)
(Ballyduff, Fairview, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Mossley, Rostulla)

1.  Fraser Agnew  (UUP)
2.  William Ball  (DUP)
3.  Tom Campbell  (Alliance)
4.  Ben Kelso  (UUP)
5.  Pamela Barr  (DUP)
6.  Stephen Ross (DUP)

Airport DEA (5 seats)
(Aldergrove, Clady, Crumlin, Mallusk, Templepatrick)
1.  Annemarie Logue  (Sinn Fein)
2.  Thomas Burns  (SDLP)
3.  Matthew Magill  (DUP)
4.  Paul Michael  (UUP)
5.  Mervyn Rea  (UUP)
Antrim DEA (6 seats)
(Antrim Centre, Fountain Hill, Greystone, Springfarm, Steeple, Stiles)
1.  Nigel Kells  (DUP)
2.  Adrian Cochrane-Watson (UUP)
3.  John Smyth  (DUP)
4.  Neil Kelly  (Alliance)
5.  Drew Ritchie (UUP)
6.  Roisin Lynch (SDLP)
Macedon DEA (6 seats)
(Abbey, Carnmoney Hill, O'Neill, Rathcoole, Valley, Whitehouse)
1.  Billy DeCourcy  (DUP)  
2.  Billy Webb  (Alliance)
3.  Paul Hamill  (DUP)
4.  Thomas Hogg  (DUP)
5.  David Hollis  (TUV)
6.  John Scott (UUP)
Dunsilly DEA (5 seats)
(Cranfield, Parkgate, Randalstown, Shildovan, Toome)
1.  Roderick Swann  (UUP)
2.  Brian Duffin (SDLP)
3.  Trevor Beatty  (DUP)
4.  Linda Clarke  (DUP)
5.  Henry Cushinan  (Sinn Fein)
Ballyclare DEA (5 seats)
(Ballyclare East, Ballyclare West, Ballynure, Ballyrobert, Doagh)
1. Mandy Girvan (DUP)
2.  Jim Bingham  (UUP)
3.  Tim Girvan  (DUP)
4.  Vera McWilliam (UUP)
5.  David Arthurs  (TUV)
Glengormley Urban (7 seats)
(Ballyhenry, Burnthill, Carnmoney, Collinbridge, Glebe, Glengormley, Hightown)
1.  Mark Cosgrove  (UUP)
2.  Audrey Ball  (DUP)
3.  John Blair  (Alliance)
4.  Philip Brett (DUP)
5.  Michael Maguire  (UUP)
6.  Noreen McClelland (SDLP)
7.  Michael Goodman  (Sinn Fein)

Why Was There An Election?

To prepare for the new Council in April 2015, elections took place in May 2014 to elect the new Council. (The election for the European Parliament will also take place on this date.) The new Council will have 40 Councillors. They will operate in shadow form to make decisions and perparations to allow them to begin operating from 1 April 2015. From this date Antrim Borough Council and Newtownabbey Borough Council will be replaced with the new Antrim and Newtownabbey District Council.
There will be additional services transferring to the new Council from Central Government including local tourism, community planning & planning.

May 2014 Election Results Breakdown by District Electorial Area

40 Councillors were elected in 7 District Electoral Areas. These DEAs are:
pdf icon Map of Antrim & Newtownabbey Wards and DEAs (8MB)

Airport DEA (5 members)
Aldergrove, Clady, Crumlin, Mallusk and Templepatrick.
pdf icon Airport-Ward

The Antrim DEA  (6 members)
Antrim Centre, Fountain Hill, Greystone, Springfarm, Steeple and Stiles.
pdf icon Antrim-Ward
Ballyclare DEA (5 members)
Ballyclare East, Ballyclare West, Ballynure, Ballyrobert and Doagh.
pdf icon Ballyclare-Ward
Dunsilly DEA (5 members)
Cranfield, Parkgate, Randalstown, Shildovan and Toome.
pdf icon Dunsilly-Ward

Glengormley Urban (7 members)
Ballyhenry, Burnthill, Carnmoney, Collinbridge, Glebe, Glengormley and Hightown.
pdf icon Glengormley-Urban-Ward-1-of-2 
pdf icon Glengormley-Urban-Ward-2-of-2-Continuation-Sheet
Macedon (6 Members)
Abbey, Carnmoney Hill, O’Neill, Rathcoole, Valley and Whitehouse.

Threemilewater (6 members)
Ballyduff, Fairview, Jordanstown, Monkstown, Mossley and Rostulla.
pdf icon Threemilewater-Ward-1-of-2
pdf icon Threemilewater-2-of-2-Continuation-Sheet

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