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Sales Growth

Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council is pleased to launch a new Sales Growth programme for any business in the area over 1 year old who wants to grow their sales.

The goal of most businesses is to grow their sales offering in a way that enables them to make a profit. The challenge however often revolves around knowing where to start, what to do and how to clinch that deal!

Many business owners feel that they are not ‘sales people’ or that they ‘can’t learn how to sell’ but this isn’t true and this Sales Growth Programme will set out to show you this. Through the learning of new techniques, best practice sharing and skills development you will grow your confidence and ability to move your business in the next stage of its growth and development.

The Sales Growth programme will provide 1-2-1 mentoring, peer learning support skills, development workshops and the organisation of real tangible sales meetings. The programme will enable business owners and managers to:

  • Understand the full sales process from how to get started to closing the deal;
  • Review their own competencies within this process and identify where their challenge areas are;
  • Develop skills and techniques to address those challenges;
  • Support their team to improve their sales offering thus growing the business team abilities overall;
  • Have real sales opportunities with support from a mentor on how to get the most from the opportunity and how to follow up from it;
  • Learn new skills which can be used time and time again after the programme has ended;
  • Learn how to best look after the customer when the sale has been made; and
  • How marketing your business right will make the sale so much easier.

Applications Are Now Open for the programme

Any business that would like to register for the opportunity should download the application form here:

pdf_icon.gif Application-form

The Programme will be delivered by Nuala Foley & Associates Ltd and will run from mid October to the end of March 2018.  

Any questions please contact Nuala Foley on 07900215494 or [email protected] or email the application form to this address.

Programme fee £100 + Vat payable

{Note: the remaining cost of the programme is funded by Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council}

 pdf_icon.gif  Sales Growth Programme Flyer